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Executive VIP Service

Our team at Executive Choice Chauffeurs is looking forward to providing Executive VIP Services, ideal for customers looking for some extra comfort, care and ease through various formalities. To make your experience as luxurious as possible by providing top if the range vehicles with all the modern services. As an Executive VIP Customer, you can avail of unlimited chauffeur service, where our experienced drivers can make sure that every part of your journey is as convenient and as comfortable as possible. Just sit in and let us take care of you. We can arrange for you to have access to the most Executive lounges in Dublin Airport and ensure that all your needs are met.

Our Services puts you in control, delivering a tailored and flexible service to meet your needs and we promise to deliver the perfect solution for all your needs. Our highest specification vehicles are offered with this service. By choosing the Executive VIP Service, you are driven by the best. Were driven by our passion to be the best.

Our expertly trained chauffeurs with their impeccable driving skills and awareness of your every need provide you with an exceptional chauffeur service. Our executive VIP booking procedures are smoothly managed by a knowledgeable and dedicated team.

Utilising sophisticated technology that incorporates real time tracking and flight monitoring, we are unable to ensure your schedule is perfectly adhered to and that any changes are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

  • Our Executive VIP Services include:
  • Greeting at the airport/aircraft
  • Personal Escort to vehicle with assistance of luggage.
  • Personalised assistance with check in to hotels
  • Hotels and restaurants will be contacted in advance to inform them of your arrival.
  • Assistance with lost and found if needed.

Executive Range Rover Experience

All of our Range Rovers Series are fitted with top of the range Land Rover adaptive Dynamics which adapt to air suspension and electronic controls to road conditions.It also included a Dynamic mode that impressively minimises body roll and maximises grip. Our customers comfort means a lot to us here at executive Choice Chauffeurs so travelling In a top of the range Range Rover is part of the experience. It ride quality which scores a top-5 position in Driver Power, outdoes all of its competitors.

The interior exceed all expectations. The commanding interior is beautifully finished and is the perfect place for long journeys giving up to five people lots of room sit and relax. The seats are exceptionally comfortable with plenty of adjustment and even the ability to specify a massage function.

Come along with us and experience the comfort in our Range Rovers perfect for long and short journeys. See what we have to offer HERE.

Dingle Day Tour Example

On the morning we leave Killarney and head towards the Iveragh peninsula, heading towards Dingle town and the the stunning and an amazing slew head drive! First we stop in the luxurious Ballyseade castle for a morning coffee and refreshment before we set out on our days tour! This is the last bit of posh surroundings before we head into Ireland’s Wild West!! We head along the north side of the peninsula heading towards the first exciting part of the day, Wayne will disprove and tell you all about the coming day and of the history of the land and tell you all about St. Brenden, who’s legacy can be seen all throughout the day!

The Conor pass will amaze you and scare you!! It is Irelands highest road and steepest! It is a sensation, being on such a steep road but the views are so rewarding that you will be delighted you did and never forget it!

We not descent down into the fishing town of an Daingain, or Dingle!! These are Irish speaking people here, and we will learn some of the ancient language before we arrive!! These are resilient people and are proud of their strength and holding on to their own ways and customs and if living on a very isolated part of Ireland! There are no rich people here, only rich in their customs and in their warmth to visitors!

We take just a brief view and drive through the town before we head west to slew head! They say Dingle is a small drinking town with a fishing problem! It has nearly 52 pubs and one of the largest fleet in the south west of Ireland! Just at the start, we go to Wayne very good friend and expert handbag maker! Holdens give a special tour of their factory and the customer will make their very own key holder and understand the process of making these beautiful handbags!

Next we will travel past Ventry beach, where Cuculainn fought with a giant in ancient times and Wayne tells you all the surrounding folklore of the area!! A sculptor of him can be seen on the GPO in Dublin and the folklore stories all have a meaning to Irish people!

Next Wayne brings you to his farmer friend, so you can pictures with a baby lamb and you get pictures with them! Also his relations  are proud members of the New York fire Department, who fought in 9/11! Also we will be in a traditional Irish farmhouse where the famous Tom Cruise changed his clothes for the filming of “Far and Away”

Next we head over to see the Blaskets, where Wayne has a huge dept of knowledge about the people and the place! He tells how the people from here went to Springfield in Massachusetts, and how he met some of their descents in his summers in America!! He explains how life was and shows you where the piers that they rowed to and from! Also we can look across at Inisturk island, which looks like a giant laying down asleep!

Now we head to ancient Ireland, where we arrive at Gallarus church, dating back to  when St Patrick was in Ireland! Also next stop is Kilmalkeder Church, where we will see a sun dial, old as the pyramids, famine graves and an ogham stone! Here you will feel really grounded!! Here you will get a sense how really old the hallowed ground and people of Ireland are!

Here Wayne explains why Irish crosses are unique.

After this, Its time for a glass of Guinness to quench the thirst in Dingle town! We go to the famous Dick Macs pub! Here it is best and we sit in the snug, a warm cosy room within the pub! Wayne tells warm stories of the traditions of the place, the famous people who have passed through and how a Guinness is poured and how best to drink it! Ask Wayne to sing, he just might!!

After dinner, we head back towards your accommodation!  There is two more stops! One is the Tom Creans pub, the famous Antarctic explorer!! Here you have to be brave, as there is a surprise here for you! You get to open a window and see what’s the weather is like in Antarctic at the moment!

Finally we drive on inch beach and back home to your accommodation!! This is a long day but one of the best! It has a very diverse range of things to cover but you will experience Ireland in every single part of it’s land, people, culture, history and even language!


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