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Planning Your Genealogy Tour in Ireland has now become a lot easier with Executive Choice Chauffeurs. We want to let you in explore your ancestral town in a way that you never imagined was possible. Have the kinds of experiences that make all the documents you’ve collected come to life.

Advance Planning

  • Contacts made in advance with priests, archivists and local historians.
  • Personal scouting of your ancestral town, so that we can become familiar with what there is to see and do there.
  • Personal arrangement of accommodations. Sometimes ancestors may be from small rural towns and can be difficult to arrange accommodation from abroad. We will organise the most suited accommodate for you, that is central to the town of your interest.

The Time to Enjoy Your Ancestral Town

  • You set the schedule, including when we start and end our day.
  • No rushed itinerary.
  • We adjust to your pace, not the other way around.

Fantastic Finds

Incredible discoveries are also part of a normal tour. Because you have your guide’s full undivided attention at Executive Choice Chauffeurs and plenty of help from local experts we can search out things that you’d never have time for on a bus tour, where you’re sharing your time with others.

Details for Reserving Your Genealogy Tour

Your Genealogy Tour Application is the starting point. Following the return of this application we’ll submit a Draft Itinerary and at that time, we’ll give you a price for your tour based on your application.

Individual Attention

Your guide stays with you throughout each day and assists you with talking to the locals, understanding local Irish customs and traditions.

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